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6 thoughts on “ Trash - Roxy Music - Manifesto

  1. “Trash” (Manifesto) Perching their collective ear towards the then-happening sound of skinny-tie new wave, this is a genre exercise which never gels as roxy music. Trash has been a key sub-text since album-one-song-one, and here the connection is made explicit with its references to Duchamp’s readymades and (weirdly enough) heavy metal.
  2. Feb 10,  · From its beginning, the album Manifesto unveils itself like no other Roxy Music outing, a bit haunting, setting the pace, morphing into the vocals of Brian Ferry, as if putting on a fine set of clothes one item at a time in front of a full length mirror reflecting sheer perfection, and then crashes headlong into the song “Trash.” This was another album panned by the critics, though it did /5(K).
  3. "Manifesto" was the most disappointing Roxy Music album. Though not without its redeeming moments, as a whole it was as lifeless as the mannekins on the cover. If I was assembling the highlights of Roxy Music's catalog for the mp3 player I'd grab the title track, the two minute rush "Trash", and perhaps "Dance Away" and/or "Spin Me Round"/5(6).
  4. Feb 19,  · This album just sounds excellent! The cover is perfect for this album, for each song on the "west side" would play out fine at a party without complaint from anyone, with "Dance Away" being the single you're probably after. "East side" is more daring, much less accessible, but intriguing and without which Roxy Music wouldn't be Roxy Music/5(88).
  5. Manifesto Lyrics: I am for a life around the corner / That takes you by surprise / That comes leaves all you need / And more besides / I am for a life and time by numbers / Blast in fast 'n' low.

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